Covid Protocols

  • After Class

    After class please promptly gather your belongings and exist the studio room so our instructors can clean the space. The studio closes 15 minutes after class ends to allow for cleaning and reduce the number of students in the studio.

  • Health

    If you are feeling unwell or experiencing any Covid related symptoms, please stay home. We look forward to seeing you when you are better.

  • Reduced Capacity

    Our big beautiful practice room holds 50 students at full capacity. We are currently working with a reduced capacity to ensure there is ample space between practitioner’s mats.

  • Showers

    Showers are now open. Please keep showers under 2 minutes as the studio closes 15 minutes after class ends to allow for cleaning before the next class arrives.

  • Increased Cleaning

    Our staff cleans and disinfects all common spaces in-between classes. Sanitization stations are available throughout the studio. Please feel free to use them as you walk by!

  • HEPA Grade Filters

    We installed a HEPA air cleaning system with ultraviolet lamp and phot catalytic filter to our heating system which purifies the air as it enters the room (Model : DM900UV-VO-WHT-VS).

  • Weights

    We disinfect our weights with alcohol after every use. All rented mats and towels are washed after each use.

  • Online Registration is Required

    All students must pre-register for classes online. You spot is guaranteed once you have registered. You can cancel your reservation up to 6 hours before class. Late cancelation or no shows will result in a $12 no show fee as we are working with limited capacities.

  • Arrival

    Our doors open 15 minutes before class is set to start. This is to reduce the number of people in the studio at once.

  • Stay On Your Mat

    Markers are placed on the baseboards in the studio room to show students where to set up their mats. Please line up the middle of your mat with one of these markers to ensure a safe distance from your neighbour. Please stay on your mat for the duration of the class, or put your mask on if you need to leave the room.