Sabina Georgescu

Owner & Instructor
Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Power Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

Sabina first discovered Bikram Yoga in 2008. Fuelled by the desire to heal bad knees, she returned every day in her first year of practice, and never looked back! She has completed many yoga and pilates certifications since then, and continues to add to her repertoire with the desire to share the best with the community she loves!

Trained in the Inferno Hot Pilates method, Sabina has personally seen the cardiovascular and strength benefits of Pilates. She encourages everyone to try it, as the practice has greatly improved her yoga and balanced her overall strength.

Sabina loves details, so get ready to hear lots of specific instruction, tips and how to’s in class! She is the proud owner of Red Tree Hot Yoga and is delighted to offer these healing practises to the West Toronto Community!

Lucia Georgescu

Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates

Lucia discovered Bikram Yoga in 2008, and it did not take her long to realize that she found exactly what she had been looking for. Challenge for the body and release for the mind - the perfect balance! Spending long hours sitting at a desk in an office job, she understands more than most how important it is to find time for ourselves in our busy lives.

Certified as a Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor, Lucia can both ground you and bring the energy all the way up! You will leave her class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, with a strong belief in yourself and your abilities. And in time you will discover a more balanced, happier and healthier version of yourself.

“Yoga does not take time and effort... yoga gives time, strength and energy!"

Jag Jasani

Inferno Hot Pilates

Jag was first introduced to Yoga in 2016 when he attended a Bikram 90 class and it was love at first sweat. He went on to attend 5 classes a week for his first month and immediately noticed results. Being obese his entire life, Yoga helped him lose 60 lbs in 8 months! In the next 12 months, Jag went on to complete a Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Spartan Super and climbed the tallest mountain in Indo-China, Mount Fansipan, in record time.

Jag started attending Inferno Hot Pilates classes and trained to become an IHP teacher. Come check out Jag's Inferno Hot Pilates class for an energetic full body shred! Come for the results, stay for the camaraderie, leave with a purpose.

Leigh Graham

Inferno Hot Pilates

Leigh has enjoyed a career in fitness over the last fourteen years; teaching both one-on-one and in group settings. A self-proclaimed 'Muscle Nerd' and Certified Fitness Coach, she founded a private personal training company six years ago. Leigh started practicing Bikram Yoga at Red Tree in 2009.

She completed her Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in May 2017, and is thrilled to be teaching at Red Tree, her favourite home away from home.

No matter where you’re starting, Leigh will motivate you and help you light the fire within! She believes that anyone can start, and continue improving their health through practise over time.

Alex Paredes

Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates

Alex was first introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2006. At this time he was an active runner and  was beginning to experience pain in his joints from his high impact activities. Looking for a fix, he luckily stumbled into a Bikram Yoga class. And the rest is history - especially the joint pain!

Alex trained in 2010 and that same summer he also completed his Advanced teacher training. He has since completed his training in Yin Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates, and add his own unique style to each class! His passion for yoga lead him to compete and place first in the Eastern Canadian Championship in 2014 for the second time, and he can be regularly spotted on his mat practicing Acro yoga with his yoga friends!

His love for the community, in sharing the healing benefits of yoga, and brining his party energy to Hot Pilates, makes Alex’s class one you don’t want to miss!

Debbie Cabral

Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates & Yin Yoga

Debbie’s yoga journey began with her own at home practice in 2005. She immediately felt a stronger sense of self, clearer mental focus, balance (both on and off the yoga mat) and an overall increased awareness and self-confidence.

She attended her first Bikram Yoga class in the fall of 2008, where she was challenged at a deeper level. Debbie has been teaching since 2009 in Toronto, as well as the US, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently Scotland.

Debbie’s life passion is in helping others reach their true potential and in realizing that they have what it takes to succeed. Debbie’s teaching style emphasizes focus on the breath, self-awareness and presence.

Dawn Quiacos

Bikram Yoga

Dawn has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 1998 and became a certified instructor in 2007. 

A dedicated student to the practise, Dawn personally understands the difficulties encountered in the yoga room. Through dedication Dawn has personally experienced the healing power of the yoga. 

She has taught throughout the city over the years, sharing her wealth of expertise and knowledge with students eager to learn. Dawn is a true advocate for using yoga to heal the body holistically, and her passion for sharing its potential is evident in her instruction. 

Andre Azcurra

Inferno Hot Pilates

Andre has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He has been certified and taught group fitness classes in a wide variety of formats, including boot camps, boxercise classes, circuit classes and strength & conditioning training for elite athletes.

Growing up Andre had two passions, soccer and boxing. He attended university on a soccer scholarship in the US. Upon completion of university, Andre pursued his dream of being a successful amateur and professional boxer. At Red Tree, Andre found his new passion, Inferno Hot Pilates, and loves to demonstrate his passion through his teaching of IHP!

Lori Martin

Bikram Yoga

After years of playing sports and weight training, Lori decided to try something new. By chance, she ended up at a Bikram Yoga studio in 2012.  She was hooked on the challenge of the class almost immediately, and began a consistent regular practice, and completed her Teacher Training in Spring 2014.  

Lori began to turn to yoga during times of stress and emotional anxiety, as a way to become grounded. She also successfully used yoga to successfully rehabilitate from two knee surgeries.

Lori continues to play hockey, paddle on a dragon boat team, and travel the world as much as possible. Lori is a traveling Bikram Yoga teacher, teaching and practicing at over 100 studios in 25 countries worldwide, and counting…

Jenn Trainor

Inferno Hot Pilates

Jenn fell in love with Inferno Hot Pilates soon after it was introduced at Red Tree, and was excited to become a certified instructor in May, 2017. Jenn has been practicing Bikram Yoga since she was first dragged to a class in 2007, and has been addicted to it ever since. 

Coming from an endurance athlete background, and having Rheumatoid Arthritis, Jenn immediately felt the benefits from the healing and challenging Bikram practice. 

As an Ironman athlete, Jenn knows the importance of a strong core, and she will encourage and coerce you into working harder on your core than you ever thought you would. Your body will thank you for it! 

Connie Zerebecki

Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates

Connie is a force to be reckoned with, in the best way possible. She takes on life's challenges with incredible perseverance, focus and determination while having fun and enjoying the process. She first brought this attitude into the yoga room as a student in 2009 and began teaching in 2012. From the moment you walk into one of Connie's classes you are welcomed with her high energy, motivation and encouragement. Before you know it, you will feel an incredible sense of determination that will not allow you to give up on yourself. She can quickly assess your needs in class, whether it be that extra push to challenge yourself or provide support and encouragement to keep you going. You will leave her class feeling a sense of accomplishment. 

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Laura McKenzie

Bikram Yoga

Laura discovered the Bikram Yoga in 2002. She fell in love with the cleansing effect of practice and completed her Teacher Training in 2004. 

Her background includes: Marriage/Family & Individual Counselling, and she is also a Certified Rolfer/Structural Integration and energy worker. 

Laura brings her diverse knowledge into the yoga room and strives to help students discover their individual structural alignment in poses, while simultaneously creating a nurturing and supportive environment in which students can safely explore their potential. Laura believes that yoga has a great potential to heal the body and mind, and that the two are inextricably linked!

Jenn Bonciani

Power Vinyasa

Jennifer thrives on balance and wakes up inspired to start each day filled with endeavours that ignite her soul. A Chartered Accountant (CPA), 200-hour certified Power Yoga teacher, and mother of two, Jennifer is currently working towards her 500-hour Power Vinyasa training.

Jennifer fiercely believes that Power Vinyasa is for everyBODY and is excited to be a part of the Red Tree community and bring her own twist to the flow! Get ready to reset, awaken to what’s possible, and be left in your greatness. Every Thursday evening at 7pm.

Keith Aitken

Yin Yoga

Keith's yoga journey started over 40 years ago, during this time he learned meditation, yoga philosophy and yoga postures. Keith has taught yoga philosophy for many years, and has more recently taken to teaching Yin Yoga, a gentle style of yoga which focuses on meditation and joint mobility. As a hot yoga practitioner himself, Keith loves the yin-yang balance. 

“Yin is slower, we hold the postures for longer and we allow the body to heal, relax and let go. It truly is the perfect complement to a hot yang style of practice."  

Keith’s yin class is catered to the hot yogi, dedicated athlete, overwhelmed CEO or multitasking person. Come and take Keith’s class to chill out, stretch, and do something your body and mind will thank you for!