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We offer a variety of classes. Hot Hatha Yoga, Inferno HIIT Pilates, Power Vinyasa Flow & Yin Restorative Yoga. 60 & 90 minutes classes.

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Red Tree Hot Yoga and Pilates!

Our mission is to inspire and empower our students. Red Tree is a sanctuary from daily pressures, where students work towards self-transformation. Our community of students and teachers creates a supportive environment where we continue to learn from each other and grow stronger together. Our commitment to our practice gives us the tools to move mindfully within our bodies, teaching us the awareness we seek both on and off the mat. We practice together, we sweat together, we are stronger together!

All classes are great for beginners!

Our mission is to inspire and empower our students.

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I enjoy coming to hot yoga at Red Tree. I would come every day if I could. I believe everyone is capable of improving their balance, strength, focus and flexibility with regular practice here. The teachers are very professional and positive. Yoga is totally about inclusion and very personal. Practicing yoga at Red Tree gives you the power to amaze yourself little by little.

— Laurie H.
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Bikram practice has changed my life from the very first class. The hot room and the difficulty of the postures yield to meditation. Through meditation, stress is greatly reduced which increases the quality of life. In addition, the health benefits are indescribable; it is something that has to be experienced. The studio is friendly, and is a great place to make new connections with great people.

— Mark V.
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I have been teaching and practicing at Red Tree Hot Yoga for almost two years. The studio is beautiful, welcoming and very clean 🙂 One of the things that I value most about Red Tree, is that there are a variety of yoga classes offered, which allows students to “mix it up” and not necessarily do the same things to their bodies over and over. Not only do I feel honored to work here, I absolutely love practicing here. All of the instructors are different, yet the common thread, is that each instructor is supportive of the students.

— Laura M.
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I started hot yoga 9 years ago. Being male and competitive I was darn well not going give up when my wife and daughter were doing this yoga alongside me. Over the years I have become less competitive but no less committed. Now my practice is all about the breath. I breathe and my body moves deeper into the postures. I am turning 59 years young this year. I had a health challenge a few years ago, and my commitment to yoga pulled me through. Yoga is life, yoga is breath.

— Keith A.